Sponsorship Monday: Jamba Juice Sponsors a RenGen Knitfiti Event to Launch Oatmeal

Oatmeal is hot. At Starbucks it’s a best seller. And now Jamba Juice is way cool for launching their new oatmeal product with a RenGen spin. Last week, Jamba Juice debuted its new Steel Cut Oatmeal with Fruit in Chicago. Jamba’s Chicago launch of the oatmeal was tied in with a city-wide oatmeal run. They delivered their signature slow-cooked organic oatmeal to local non-profit workers across the city. I consider oatmeal to be the ultimate quick comfort food. But Jamba Juice extends the product’s care-taking spirit by serving it to those who serve others. Voila– instant compassion brand!

As part of the launch, Jamba Juice also sponsored “knitfiti” events in-store in which civic-minded guerrilla artists “hit” public property with handmade knitwear. A Jamba store located on Chicago’s North Michigan Ave. is the first to feature a live installation of the knitting art. Other Jamba restaurants will follow suit in mid January to tie in with the national roll out of the oatmeal menu item.
photo courtesy of Elbogirl on Flickr