Sponsorship Monday: Intel Poised to Sponsor

Intel is launching new products despite the weakest economy on record for consumer electronics. Product launches translate into robust sponsorship spends.

Product lines launching:
The high-end Core i7 processor, a new generation of stripped-down “netbook” computers with Intel’s Atom processor; and a line of web-connected TVs powered by Intel chips.

What’s “Inside” Your Package?

Be prepared to offer a heavy Internet marketing component, and a way to deliver plenty of peeps. Also important will be to showcase the new product’s attributes. So setting up these products at your events for test drives, a few choice give-aways to bloggers who may be among your loyal follower are all great things to pitch.

Who to Contact?
The chief decision maker is Intel Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Sean Maloney, 52, who began his career at Intel in 1982. He believes that for the giant chip maker, designing and manufacturing new products will cause a recovery. “You need to recover using new technology — that’s how you generate new cycles of purchases, and that’s very much in the bloodstream of our company. We don’t give up in tough times.”

The Sponsor’s Situation:
Intel used to market heavily to the IT sector. It was a B-to-B play. Now, Maloney wants to shift toward creating consumer demand for “Intel Inside.” He explains that “the industry is going mobile around mobile computers, and a lot of those purchase decisions are made by consumers. So reaching consumers is more and more important.” The upshot? If you have an audience with a a good mix of early-adopter consumers, blended with some IT professionals, your pitch stands a good chance of finding a friendly ear at Intel.

Forget the bad news surrounding this market. Add Intel to your prospect list and sally forth.

photo of Sean Maloney speaking at CES in Las Vegas