Sponsorship Monday: Crafting the Killer Proposal Pt 2

Today, I give you Part Two in a series that helps you create a proposal that lands a sponsor.

Goal: Help The Sponsor See the Fit Between Your Offer and the Person Who Buys Their Product

Is your audience the right audience? Sponsors want a tight match between your audience and their target audience. Demographics and psychographics are impressive to sponsors and help them see the fit. This is how they judge all marketing initiatives. Also, presenting current data on your audience proves that your organization cares about tracking information.

Going beyond statistics, you might also offer profiles of your audience as people. This proves that you have insight the sponsor can tap into. Sponsors throw away proposals every day that are little more than demographic charts and tables. The proposals with stopping power define the nonprofit’s audiences in both factual and emotional terms, as this description of PTA moms does:

PTA Member Profile:

Who is the new PTA mom?

• Busy contemporary woman with traditional values
• Volunteers for 2 or more activities to “belong”
• Drives a 5 year old mini-van
• Votes
• Shops with coupons
• Budgets the family money
• Does research for purchases over $50