Social Media Site Has Cause Marketing its Core is a new VC-funded social media platform that is getting traction. It facilitates interaction between people, the brands they love and the causes they care about. Here’s how it works: SocialVibe allows people to choose a brand to support by adding a badge to their blog, website or Facebook wall. This earns them chances to get brand perks and points within SocialVibe. The points that members earn are then turned into cash for the charitable cause of their choice. SocialVibe is aligned with some powerful brands. Coca-Cola, Adobe, NBA, Sprint and Nestle, and on the cause side, Komen for the Cure, WWF, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Invisible Children, One Laptop per Child, PETA and Donors Choose are all partners.
Launched in August, the site has generated over $100,000 in cash for causes. Not earth shattering, but the model is a unique and viral spin on cause-marketing.