Social Media and the Future of Guns

Social media is heating up the debate around gun control, and it’s starting to go global. Our culture scouts spotted this movement from the U.K., which replaces classic gun-centric screen shots with something altogether less aggressive.

From Thumbs & Ammo

Elsewhere, Yoko Ono ignited an emotional pilot light by posting a photo of John Lennon’s bloodied eye glasses via Twitter.

Social movements take twenty years to evolve. They’re iterative, like product innovations. Consider that it took twenty years for the sleek tablet to evolve from a clunky eReader. 

The recipe may vary, but the core ingredients for mass cultural change remain consistent. We’ve been sifting through the patterns for a while now. This groundswell of citizens wielding power with social media in ways that trump voting is something we reported about in our 2013 Trend Report. Up next: We are working on a more detailed series of posts on large-scale cultural change propelled by social media.

The eruption of social movements and counter-movements around the world is redefining what’s relevant—after all, six months ago gun policy wasn’t even on the national agenda. The research team at LitLamp is determined to help you anticipate opportunities and keep your brand pulsing ahead of trend. 

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