Social Marketers’ New Mantra

Pay attention. That’s what you keep telling yourself, right? But the torrent of information scatters your focus. Until now, you considered yourself a complex thinker. But lately, you crave simplicity. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. The desire for simplicity is an emerging consequence of social media. New research reveals that consumers want less information from brands.

In a nutshell: The Corporate Executive Board surveyed more than 7,000 consumers and interviewed 200 marketing executives across consumer brands and industries. The key finding: simplifying the decision-making process, so that consumers actually think less about the decision, can give your brand a leg up. Patrick Spenner of the Conference Board, writing for Forbes, recommends three ways to help consumers make decisions:

Trust – Provide customer reviews to help people find the information most relevant to them.
Learn – Create ways for customers to exchange information using forums and social media.
Weigh Options – Make it easy for people to choose from basic product options, side by side. NB: Less clicking and searching, fewer eye movements.

For a while now, consumers have been signaling they want a little less brand in their lives. It’s a tough message for marketers to hear. But the findings are clear: Brands that use information and social media selectively are selling more, not less — 20% more, to be precise.