Social Buzz: Veronica Mars Sneak Peek

Just three months after his record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, filmmaker Rob Thomas has released a trailer for the upcoming Veronica Mars film. We dig Kickstarter, which, like Etsy, is a prime example of the economy of mutual gain. After the campaign ended, Thomas continued to reach out to his contributors via Twitter updates and a Comic-Con appearance with Kristen Bell and other Veronica Mars actors. By keeping the more than 90,000 Kickstarter contributors in the loop, he’s able to close the gap between company and consumer. It feels like everybody’s film. (Check out the trailer below.)

Also this week, Spike Lee created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund-raise his next movie. It will be interesting to see how Lee’s project fares compared with Thomas’, given the generational gap between their core audiences. Veronica Mars, which ran as a television show from 2004-2007, captured the hearts of Millennials—and those are the consumers who drive the cooperative economic model embodied by sites like Kickstarter. A successful campaign from Lee could indicate that RenGen attitudes are now fully embraced by Boomers and Gen Xers, too.

What do you think of this more collaborative filmmaking experience? And how are you engaging audiences to become active participants in your own marketing campaigns? Tell me all about it @PatriciaMartin.