Social Buzz: Dove Hits it Out of the Park (Again)

Fresh from winning the Titanium Grand Prix award at Cannes Lion for its “Real Beauty Sketches” video, Dove is at it again. Their latest, “Camera Shy,” juxtaposes the insecurity of grown women with the confidence of little girls. 

Dove’s in the right place at the right time with this campaign—”Camera Shy” reminds us of Allison Tate’s hugely popular essay from last year as well as a recently funded Kickstarter project by photographer-activist Jade Beall

Do you think Dove is responding to a timely social question, or is society talking because of Dove’s campaign? Scroll down to see how folks are reacting to Dove’s latest message and to watch “Camera Shy.” Then tweet me at @PatriciaMartin and give me your take.

I love that dove commercial where it shows girls hiding from the camera and at the end they SHOW CUTE BABIES CONFIDENT WITH THEMSELVES
— tazreen. (@TazreenMahmood) July 13, 2013

Aw they put a hijabi in a dove commercial. So cute :’) — سارة خليل (@SarahKhalil13) July 12, 2013

I seriously love this new Dove commercial. #beyourbeautifulself
— Yozelyn Jimenez (@YozTheOz) July 19, 2013