Social Buzz: Chromecast

Less than a year after debuting their stripped-down laptop, Google has launched Chromecast, which allows user to watch—well, almost anything—on TV. The little device plugs into the back of televisions to enable streaming from Netflix and YouTube. You can also view items from your computer, such as Google documents with it. 

Their commercial emphasizes a core Millennial value—shared experience—and promises to be an alternative for crowding around smart phones to view viral video. The device, which costs $35, is currently backordered, but it’s getting a lot of buzz from early adopters:

Chromecast is kind of amazing. Just works and intuitive. Presentations at the office revolutionized!
— Darrell Silver (@darrellsilver) August 5, 2013

Chromecast is ON. #dfm
— Dave Elchoness (@delchoness) August 5, 2013

Chromecast arrived today and 5 minutes later I’m watching MST3k on the big screen like it’s 1997. I highly recommend it.
— KC Dunstan (@kcdunstan) August 1, 2013

Watching an @indianmotocycle video on my TV via #ChromeCast #webrtc
— Chris Matthieu (@chrismatthieu) July 28, 2013