Social Buzz: Can Sponsored Content End Distracted Driving?

We were blown away by Werner Herzog‘s powerful documentary, “From One Second to the Next,” about the hazards of distracted driving. With nearly 2 million views on YouTube, it’s a certifiable hit. As part of the #ItCanWait campaign sponsored by AT&T, it carries very little branding for the telecom giant. Why has it stirred such a storm of activity?

The #ItCanWait campaign is a stunning example of some key pro-social marketing principles at work. Over the past decade, we’ve helped clients persuade heavy users of digital media to change attitudes or behaviors. We’ve found that certain approaches really move the needle. The campaign uses three very effectively:

1. Speak emotional truth.
2. Create a shared sense of purpose with customers. 
3. Be a friend, not a father. 

See what viewers are saying, and watch the 30-minute online documentary below. 

Reason 78 #ItCanWait via @PhoneDog_Aaron: “There’s no email or text message important enough to endanger my life.”
— AT&T (@ATT) August 11, 2013

My cousin was killed by a texter & driver. I lost my best friend, all because a girl was texting her friends about a party #ItCanWait
— NursingStudentFittie (@HealthyForLife2) August 12, 2013

I just watched From One Second to the Next and want to curl into a fetal position.
— CM Gardner (@juvie_cinephile) August 18, 2013