Seeing is Believing

What do you get when you cross a cynic with a creative? A sensualist.

Why is Italy filled with so much eye-popping art? Because sensualists rule in a renaissance.

The roots of this lie in the compost heap of decline. Do you need convincing that we are moving deeper into decline? This is the “death comes first” part that occurs right before a renaissance. It forces otherwise optimistic people to face harsh realities. That triggers cynicism, through which every mesage is filtered.

Equally powerful is a collective creativity that spans from content creation to creating a new and better world. The tension between cyncism, a negative force, and creativity, a positive force works just like a battery. It’s charging up a generation who, when they can trust nothing else will rely on their senses. What they can see, touch, taste, and smell.

This week I blogged about the potential for a new language based on symbols to facilitate the volume of communications we all have to manage. I’m looking into it. Frog Design turns out to be yet another resource for viz. comm. I’ve invited our Culture Scout, Brandy Agerbeck a viz comm guru to weigh in as well. We’ll see what she has to say.

Liz Strauss wonders if a world that values visual communication over text-based language will favor extroverts? Research on freshman at the School of the Art Institute in the 1990’s revealed the student body’s Myers Briggs scores were predominantly I’s — introverts. Not sure if that would still be true today.

Will our doodles, pictures, and logos become our most valuable assets?

Photo courstesy of Dave Mundy.