Road Wisdom: How The Energy From Within You Can Change Things

Photo by Martin Cathrae

It’s been a little crazy. I’ve been traveling across the country sharing my latest research about which brands are Tipping the Culture and why. These events have left me a little breathless, and it’s not from leaping into cabs. Rather it’s been the way people seem to be connecting to the content that is blowing me away.

My first clue was when I started getting late-night emails from people who had heard me speak. They wanted to tell me about their ideas, situations, life events that aligned with something I’d said. They want to make a personal connection with the information.

These heartfelt emails are a window into ways human beings are feeling as we shed one culture and adopt a new one. The pressure we are under as a society is transforming us…from the inside out.

Beyond feeling honored, I also feel re-committed to my work each time I read one of these emails. It’s energizing.

I recently overheard someone say, “Bad energy is like second-hand smoke.” Which really got me thinking: if that’s true, then positive energy can set off a chain reaction of compassion, touching others in its flow.

No one is immune to the changes we are undergoing. So maybe it’s time to get smart about managing the flow of energy in our lives. From what I can tell, it flows in a circle. So it is in giving that we receive the kind of energy that fills us with sweet, scintillating potential.

It’s after midnight. Before I pack it in, I want to share this: if 20th-century leadership was all about the chain of command, then the 21st century’s leadership focus will be the chain of energy.

Surround yourself with people and ideas that enliven you. It’s what will fill you up, light you up and charge your batteries.

That and a good night’s sleep…’night.