RenGen in the News

The New York Times featured a story about the RenGen yesterday. Business writer Marci Alboher, asked my perspective on the bigger picture regarding the implosion of the credit market and what lies beyond the crisis. We talked about the rising generation that will reinvent the way we live and work.

I assured Ms. Alboher, because history bears it out, that this is what it looks like right before a renaissance. Chaos, decline, confusion all run rampant. Conversely, creativity and innovation abound. Add to the mix a facilitating medium for the sharing of ideas and information as robust as the Web, and you have the recipe for a renaissance. But I did share this caveat: that a renaissance is not guaranteed. If we deplete our resources in these tenuous times, we could flounder.

The incoming leadership of this country will decide whether we are reborn into a more innovative and enlightened civilization or fall into a dark age. So, vote and vote wisely!

On a personal note, I’ve long considered the New York Times a pinnacle news source. It arrives in my “in-box” online and I am awakened every morning by the slap of it hitting my driveway. I devour it over morning coffee. So naturally, it’s a strange and wonderful feeling to be featured the same week that a minority opinion contends “Whatever the New York Times once was, it is not today by any standard a journalistic organization.” Huh? Tell that to my kid who sent a text message from his college dorm, “OMG, mom…yr in NYT!”