RenGen: How Young are We Talking?

I get asked a lot about the age range of the RenGen? Is the renaissance generation the rising crop of highschoolers or 30-somethings, or what? RenGen is an outlook as much as an age group. Generally, the term “generation” covers a swath of people living contemporaneously in a 30-year span. Specifically, people driven to do original work, people who enjoy hatching and exchanging ideas, people who dive in and spend hours blissfully creating something from nothing—all share a place on the RenGen spectrum. Even guys as young as JJ and Charley from Maryland’s Eyeball Skeleton pop band fit the profile. JJ Brown is eight and Charlie Brown is ten. Their Dad plays drums and runs the sound equipment. The band’s collaborative process begins with an image and title hand drawn by JJ or Charlie, who then write the lyrics. Over waffles and coffee with Dad they fit their lyrics to music. Eyeball Skeleton recently signed with My Pal God record label, run by a Northwestern student, also a RenGenner. My personal favorite is their tune “The Smoking Turtle.” Check it out.