Preview 2008

There’s lots of forecasting going on for 2008. Everywhere I look there are pundits proclaiming trends. A few standouts include: it’s payback time for food trust busters (poisonous products), gender extremes (gender mash-ups of all stripes); luxury adventure (spas in Nepal that include soul-cleansing with your facial) and the dismal “terrorism 2.0” (chaotic, explosive mass killings by civilian extremists). It’s enough to make a grown woman cry.

Ever the optimist, I’ll look ahead to a few of the cultural shifts among the RenGen that herald a more enlightened 2008. I will detail them this week. Briefly, they are:
Information is the Enemy of Time
New Rules for Cool When Power Corrupts Civility
Always-On: RenGen Creative Burnout
Born to Lead: Female RenGen Take Control