President Obama Rocks the RenGen

According to a new study from the Scarborough Kids Internet Panel, teens dig the new Prez. In fact, 75% of teens said they are optimistic that the new administration will help solve current economic problems. African-American and Hispanic teens appear to be more optimistic than Asian and Caucasian teens, with 46% of African-American teens saying they are “very optimistic” about President Obama’s ability to help the economy, along with 31% of Hispanic teens, 24% of Caucasian teens and 20% of Asian teens.

The vote of confidence is timely. Teens are feeling the impact of economic conditions, piled on top of the broader legacy issues they know they will inherit, namely global warming. Young people are feeling the pressure. The survey found that 74% of teens said that they are worried about the economy, including 23% who are “very” worried and 51% who said that they are “somewhat worried.” Twenty percent are “not very worried” and 6% “aren’t worried at all.”

Eighty-six percent of teen respondents think their parents worry about economic conditions, and 70% have discussed the economy with their parents.

  • 47% said that they would like to talk to their parents more about the issue
  • 64% of teens stated they were discussing the downturn with their teachers at school
  • 81% percent of teens are interested in understanding more about the causes of the current problems

Government agencies and corporations alike hoping to convey messages in these times should aim at the psychographic of “concern” and continue to offer hope. Moreover, ensuring there are programs for young people in the stimulus package to roll up their sleeves and get to work on solving problems will convert entire households, since parents and their teens are pulling together to keep their families afloat.