Poloroid Still Groovy After All these Years

What is it about Poloroid cameras? I love them. I had one as a teenager. God knows where it went. I don’t remember it jamming or breaking. I must have abandoned it. Foolish me. They don’t make them anymore.

Today is the annual PHTHRD competition in NYC. Organized by LVHRD, the project invites three artists to tell a story using hundreds of Polaroid pictures to craft a mosaic narrative. This happens LIVE in Brooklyn, and people have bought tickets to watch and participate as subjects for the shots.

LVHRD has done a masterful job of aligning sponsors who enrich the environment. Although Dewar’s has an intrusive presence that is just un-fun to watch. Still, I look forward to following who turns in what and which artist takes the prize.

Poloroid snapshot courtesy of Charlotte Miceli, Flickr.