Personal Brand

Today is Monday, and it’s the start of a new month. Feels like a new start in lots of ways, right? So this week, I’m going to focus posts on personal brands. A personal brand can be and elusive thing to create. Overpreening can result in a crippling self-consciousness. Have you ever noticed that people who are really good at managing their personal brand make it look effortless.

Yesterday was the last day to enter Dan Pink’s clever online contest, “What’s your sentence?” Pink invited peeps to reduce their lives to a single sentence. Tough to do. Even tougher if you’re the kind of person who defies category: Bono, Richard Branson, Margaret Mead. There are people who become their jobs, Steve Jobs for instance. There are people who become their partner’s job—Nancy Reagan, for example. There are people who morph like cats with nine lives—Al Franken.

As we witness the rise of the RenGen, renaissance generation, exercises like Dan Pink’s invitation to boil our lives down to a simple sentence will prove ever more challenging. That’s because people are breaking down categories, crossing disciplines and expressing utterly new genres.

Still, if you want to build a personal brand, it’s good to know what lies at the beating heart of who you are. Take a crack at it.