Palin Agrees to Appear on SNL

I’m marking my calendar for Oct. 25 for a comedy extravaganza. That’s when Sarah Palin goes on Saturday Night Live. And Lorne Michaels, in rapture over SNL ratings for Tina Fey’s side-splitting impersonation’s of the Jane Six-Pack, hockey mom, would be President…ooops, I mean Vice-President, is reportedly delighted to be hosting this October surprise. No confirmation from the McCain-Palin campaign so far. New York Post ran with the story, so I figure, why not?

I’ll watch for the same reason there’s such a thing as gapers block. Sarah Palin is an accident waiting to happen, so the dramatic tension mixed with comedic potential is just too tempting to resist.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, bought 30 minutes of network TV time to do a docu-drama on the economic collapse. I wonder who will win in the ratings?