One to Watch: Our Video of the Week

This week’s pick is brought to you by a worldwide scavenger hunt game. Geocaching, in which players find and log “cache” boxes using GPS technology, has been around since 2000. But it’s the relatively recent rise of smart phones, with their integrated GPS systems, which has caused the game to take off like a rocket. It has also meant very real capital gain for Groundspeak, which runs the largest geocaching community and sells everything from cache boxes to backpacking gear and trinkets.

Their brilliant little video, which is designed to sell Geocaching’s $9.99 iPhone app, explains a complex game in less than 2 minutes, and without dialogue. In a larger sense, it speaks to the collaboration which is at the heart of so much Millennial entertainment. The people in the video use their iPhone app to forge, rather than forego, human interaction (check out that key moment at 0:14 where the man takes out his earbuds). And most importantly, it sparks curiosity among its viewers—at least for this viewer. I immediately did a quick check on the geocaching website and learned that there are more than 50 cache boxes hiding within one mile of my house!