One to Watch: Danah Boyd

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for awhile. I encounter incredible people through my work in the emerging sector where education, arts, entertainment and technology converge. These are some of the most inspiring minds of our times. I am hereby inaugerating an occassional series with this blog on Ones to Watch. Let me start with Danah Boyd. She is an expert in online social networking. Danah is finishing up her PhD and recently decided not to enter academia as a paid professor. Instead, she is casting her fate to the wind. MacArthur awarded her a research grant, she’s in demand as a speaker and expert on social networking. She’s brilliant and publishes like crazy, so my bet is that she’ll be snapped up. What is haunting, though, is that her experience of trying to fit in to the education system echoes other information I am uncovering about education. It seems the education sector has trouble absorbing fresh, non-traditional talent. People wonder why schools and universities can’t innovate. Well, they are entrenched, that’s why. No new blood, no new ideas, no innovation. See Danah run.