One Simple Trick to Keep Work Life Sane in 2014

When I got back to the office after a long holiday hiatus, my desk greeted me with its disarray. The issue? Stacks of paper files everywhere. Made me crazy.
I am only good about putting files away if I do it at the end of every day. Usually, I take the time no matter how tired I am. Otherwise, paper sits in heaps for weeks. So, as keeping things organized took a total back seat during the holidays this year, I returned to the daunting task of tidying up loose ends rather than hitting the ground running.
We all know there’s no end to this organization game (i.e., putting things away once they’ve been used), in 2014 I vow to spend more time getting things done, and less time hunting for things. So, for sanity’s sake, I’m committing to putting stuff away. I aim to take 15 minutes daily to clear my desk before calling it quits.

While we’re on the topic of real-life desk tops, it’s worth noting the growing trend toward real-life cravings. The 2013 Internet of Things meme has played out. Even if Gartner projects 26 billion things will be wired by 2020, one thing remains a constant whether it’s analogue life or digital: time is of the essence. So many things, so little time. If there is a mantra for 2014 its, “be human.” As such, I hope to conquer my all too human trait of doing the things I love and deferring the tasks I don’t–no excuses!