On Rituals and Resilience

What makes us resilient? I’m starting to pay attention to customs and rituals that leave people feeling more resilient. Tapping into resilience can help a brand forge a deep emotional bond in these transitional times.

I’ve started asking people what they do to strengthen their capacity to ride the roller coaster of these times. I’m hearing answers like these:

1. I walk barefoot on the beach as often as I can

2. I jog through the woods every morning

3. I meditate

4. I get a massage weekly

5. I read 3 books to my kids every night

Even more elaborate are ritual baths, group meditation clubs, prayer circles, routine pot luck dinners I’m hearing about. I am gathering more and more stories that about how rituals create resilience.

With gas prices sky high, the dollar weak, the future uncertain, consumers will look for new ways to build community, shop, and find solace. They need emotional support. Rituals play a role. I want to find out which ones are the most rewarding in uncertain times. If marketers can play a role in supporting their customers with meaningful rituals, they provide a serivce that runs deep.
Many of the tactics for creating emotional bonds in the marketers tool box are linked to aspiration. But consumers have stopped associating what they buy with the achievement of status. In the RenGen conspicuous consumption is just plain gross.

Any one out there witnessing the emergence of rituals, or the resurgence of traditional rituals? Shoot me a line. Tell me what you are seeing.

photo courtesy of PrAsGaM