Oloves: Cute Packaging Packs A Punch

Meet Tasty Mediterranean. This colorful little snack is part of the Olove family, a brand that’s been winning hearts since 2007. In 2008 they received the International Travel Catering Association’s Mercury Award for Best New Food Product, a major achievement in the food world. They’re a good example of a company that has built a real brand for itself. From design to promotion, everything they do propels their vision for the product. Their innovative packaging has gotten them the most attention. Each Olove variety–as of now there are three–has its own personals ad. A shortened version appears on the bag itself, but the website has an entire section devoted to “introducing” the Oloves. It gets better–you can reach each one via Skype. Besides being adorable, the packaging is functional. They come to you in aluminum foil pouches that, once opened, fold out to create a little bowl, making it easy to snack on the go. They don’t even need to be refrigerated. Cute, smart and creative–if Oloves really were potential dates, they’d be the perfect catch.