Obama Eyes a NASCAR Deal

Sports Illustrated’s website posted a blurb about the Obama campaign considering a NASCAR deal. Obama has built his brand on earnest smarts. So it makes you wonder how his brand finds value in a NASCAR deal.
Consider the downside:
1. Gigantic carbon footprint. NASCAR vehicles get on average 5 MPG. Average race is 500 miles. That’s a lot of fuel to drive in circles.

2. Brand confusion. Obama’s advisors may think this reaches out to a working class constituency, but it’s also a heavily Republican segment. The driver Obama is considering, Ken Schrader, leans right…far right. In fact Schrader and his wife are Bush supporters, having made donations of $1,000 and up in the last election.

3. Not Made in America. Schrader drives a Toyota. Although Toyota has had operations and created jobs in America for two decades, still, the rank-and-file in auto unions see it as a foreign brand, as do many Americans.

Okay, so help me out here. What does Obama get out of this deal but a lot of confusion and potential heart burn? Couldn’t he get something more American, more wholesome from sponsoring Major League Baseball?

What’s his upside?

Well, I guess he gets to look like every other guy who gets snookered by NASCAR. Paying too much for too little and buying into the smoke-and-mirrors demographics that simply don’t exist. Yep, Obama can finally shed his arrogant veneer and appear as unimaginitive as everyother NASCAR sponsor.