Nike’s Sponsorship of Armstrong Rolls Out With Chalkbot

My brother-in-law Bruce is a cyclist in his spare time. A self-proclaimed fanatic, he follows the Tour de France with a vengeance. We love this about him–his passion. I believe that part of why he remains so stoked about the race has something to do with Lance Armstrong.

This year, Nike sponsored Armstrong’s cancer survivor cause, Livestrong, in a whole new way. Meet the Chalkbot. It’s a robot that paints messages on the Tour de France course that are tweeted from fans around the world. It’s a brilliant fusion of sports deal meets cause marketing meets participation media. But it meets text book requirements for a great sponsorship effort:

1. It enhances the race by contributing a cool new element.

2. It helps support an important cause–the fight against cancer.

3. It gives people a way to belong.

Bravo! I emailed Bruce to see if he’s tweeted a message yet. “I’m on it!” he replied. But of course!