New Study: What Cultural Consumers Really Want

The Cultural Consumer Index (CCI) is a new study that is a quantitative and qualitative measurement of cultural activity among the renaissance generation. It gauges the amount of arts, culture, and creative experiences and related products RenGen consume (museums, plays, movies, books, visual art and music). It also aims to quantify growing interest in self-expression facilitated by digital media and cultural phenomena impacting consumer lifestyles and beliefs that can help leaders predict opportunities and downturns.

The CCI encompasses two classes of data:

1. meta-data that tracks changes in consumption of products and services associated with culture.
2. original research that looks at how consumers are coping with and adjusting to a changing culture.

The CCI will be re-conducted over time, both to assess how patterns of consumer behavior and attitudes are shifting and to anticipate the economic change that arises as a consequence of those shifts.

Scope of the Index
The CCI extends the definition of culture to include economic activity in the arts, cultural tourism, entertainment, and creative expression. In particular, the research will include:

1. A representative sample of over 1,500 U.S. households conducted by Meaningful Measurement, Inc.

2. A synthesis of economic indicators and reports from the following: GNP, Jobless Rate, Art Market Confidence Index, American Association of Museums Membership Report, American Booksellers Association, Travel and Tourism Research Association, Theater Communications Group, the Broadway League, Sundance entries, and American Film Industries (AFI), and other organizations that represent the cultural economy

3. Contribution levels to arts, education, and cross-disciplinary innovations from corporate and private philanthropies

4. Emerging genres created by collaboration and cross-disciplinary influences

5. Growth of self-expression facilitated by digital media

6. Changes in behaviors and attitudes toward cultural institutions and cultural offerings

7. Cultural phenomena impacting consumer lifestyles and beliefs

Uses for the Index
The study will provide perspective on cultural marketplace phenomena that have economic impact. It will show where the action is, and note tremors in the culture before they become trends. The report that will follow will help leaders adapt to a fast-changing world where culture is the medium of most significance in shaping preference and seeding new opportunities. Rising social movements, emerging customs and belief systems, implications and contradictions will be broken down into actionable information so that high-level discussions can be had across a variety of disciplines and sectors to catalyze collaborations that spur innovation.

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