New Study–Do Brands Go Deeper than Skin Deep Online?

New research shows that Millennials relate to brands in “Deep and complicated ways”. The 8095 (“eighty ninety-five”) study just out from Edelman PR, shows that brand identification is right up there with religion and ethnicity. But that was true only “When it comes to personal identifiers millennials share online”. It’s a fascinating study that should trigger debate.

I’d argue for a new definition of “deep”. Digital culture is more casual. It has fewer deep rituals. Think about it…are there any experiences online that would qualify as rites of passage? So, I guess the question is: how deep does the digital culture go? Skin deep? Or inner sanctum of the soul deep?

The report notes that volunteering to try new products and review some of them online is a “core value,” and the majority of those surveyed had recommended products to friends and family via a social network. The research involved interviewing 3,100 respondents in eight countries. Check it out