New Case Study: StarDate at University of Texas

We recently had the opportunity to help syndicated radio show StarDate to shape up its marketing strategy. The daily program, which is the longest-running science outreach broadcast on U.S. radio, is part of partnership between University of Texas and NASA.

The challenge: A NASA-sponsored syndicated radio show was in decline. It needed to grow or be shut down. LitLamp was retained to help integrate traditional and new media assets, develop new models for content sponsorship and advertising, and update a sales approach for a digital environment. 

Scope: A six-month consulting project delivered a detailed market assessment, re-positioning, new messaging and an actionable formula for improving sales. 

Success: Following our recommendations, the client moved into the marketplace with an entirely new value proposition and a marketable package of assets—both classic and digital. By June, the team landed a six-figure deal with an advertiser.

“We can’t believe the difference it made. We couldn’t have done it without your help.”

—Sandra Preston, McDonald Observatory, University of Texas, Austin