New Boom: The Undeniable Next Wave of Young Creatives

“Young people play a special role in changing times.” So says the Knight Foundation Commission this week in the launch of their report on “Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age.” And they’re right.

We just completed a year-long study on the influence of expressive media on the broader culture. Our report launches next week. The findings align with Knight’s–but even more dramatically. There’s a boom in creative expression, especially among young people. Technology facilitates it.

As I approved the final copy changes of our report this morning, I wondered. Are young people way out ahead of the institutions that often study them? I lump myself in that query.

The rising swath of young people are cool, creative and connected. It’s a juicy generation. So much so, that unlike their Boomer forerunners, who sought to overthrow the establishment–they’ll wield power by ignoring it. The dis will turn the tables of power.

Helpful summary of the Knight Commission’s report here.