Napa Valley Bound

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m packing my bags for Napa Valley and thanking my lucky stars. It’s mid-January in Chicago. That means grey sky, grey skin, grey, grey, and more grey. I can’t wait to shake it off for a few days. I have the honor of speaking about the RenGen to the faculty at the Hoffman Institute Foundation. The Institute was founded by a visionary, Bob Hoffman. His life’s work was spent creating a process that would release a person from his or her troubled childhood to become a more whole adult and achieve their highest potential. Sounds a little woo-woo, I realize. But the Hoffman process has produced some amazing results. Harvard’s Kennedy School recently partnered with the Insitutute to develop a leadership process to prepare leaders for a new century. The Institute is nestled among the wineries of Napa Valley. I plan to visit a few of them while I’m out there.

I asked my friend Karen Hanrahan, about the difference between organic wines and regular wines. Karen runs a popular green foodie blog, and manages content for a local chef’s blog. She lives across town from me and we coffee clatch occassionally and trade blogging tips. Always the earth mother, Karen had this reply, along with a vow to find out more for me:
“The foodie crunchy part of me likes to think that that all organic anything
is better. Perhaps the idea that a wine comes from a clean soil bed and
perhaps has no pesticide residue has some truth to it, I always wonder how
they seperate acid rain drops from other rain drops. I’d like to think that
an organically grown grape in more nutrient dense, has all that whatcha ma
call in it that is so valuable for you and all. Studies certainly show that
vegetables organically grown are more valid nutritionally. Yet, when it comes
to wine it’s all about flavor – depth of flavor and it’s subtle nuances. I find
more of that in european wines.” Thanks, Karen.

I promise you another post on the Napa adventure. The scenery, food, people, and oh, yes–the wine.

Photo courtesy of Lightchaser.