Myths Marketers Can’t Shake

Myths exist for a reason. They’re communally shared interpretations of the human experience. So what if they are misguided? People cleave to them. In times of gale-force social change, myths are like comfort food.

People in business have their own set of myths. Some of them are gender based:

1. Men rule business. Most B2B marketing is very masculine as a result. This, despite the fact that in California alone 44% of all businesses are owned or co-owned by women. Just because the facts contradict the myth doesn’t mean marketing tactics will change anytime soon.

2. Moms rule retail. Hartman Group has a new white paper on how the grocery aisle’s demographic is being diversified with a variety of alternative players. Are we missing an opportunity to sell more meaningfully? Or will we cling to the Mom-shopper myth like apple pie? Check it out for yourself.