My Love Affair Continues

Loyal readers know this: I love public libraries. That’s why we jump at a chance to work on library-related projects. Also, because there are more libraries in America than there are McDonald’s stores, we always learn something about the culture.

We just launched a new website for the FINRA Foundation’s Smart Investing @ Your Library initiative with ALA. We gathered success stories from the grantees, then we synthesized the lessons learned into tips and tools to make it easy to replicate the project’s success. Patric King, our brilliant visual design partner, dressed the content up to make it pretty to look at—not to mention worthy of the hard work of these devoted librarians.

Here’s what we learned:

Americans really struggle to understand the concept of money. Seriously. And there are scant places for people to go and learn about investing or saving money that won’t also fleece them.

The libraries featured on the site share uplifting stories. They all went from having a passive collection of reference books sitting on a shelf, to becoming catalysts–reaching out into their communities to collaborate with other public-serving agencies to offer up life-changing information. See for yourself.

Love your library?

Tell somebody.