My First eBook–Tipping the Culture

It’s ready. My first eBook is here. I felt a rush when I loaded the prototype onto my iPhone.

I feel like telling you the story behind it. Just six months ago, I was vexed with a nasty bout of writer’s block. One morning, I decided to clean my office. You know, get some clean-slate mojo working. That’s when I came across a report I had written for a client. I’d been hired to research world-class brands that were having a lot of success attracting Millennials. This was my kind of project, and better yet, my kind of client. You know the type–bold, creative and smart.

I adored the project because it allowed me to interact with some very talented marketers representing savvy brands such as Ford Fiesta, Red Bull and Google, to name a few. What I learned was eye opening. I wrote up a hefty paper report and briefed the client on the findings. It was all good.

Spring became summer. I took a week off to get in touch with my muse. Sitting on a pier jutting into the turquoise blue of Lake Michigan, I kept coaxing my imagination to cough up a good idea for my next book. Nothing came.

Returning to my office, I rediscovered the Millennials report and sat down and re-read it cover to cover. Because the people I had interviewed were pioneering the digital culture, much of the material was still relevant. I had also delved into the latest psycho-social studies on the age group to prepare the report, so I had weeded out unproductive communication tactics. The information in my hands felt valuable.

I pitched the idea of publishing it to the client. They agreed. Terrific! But said it needed a fiscal sponsor. Bummer. I reached out to the people who had sponsored the original research. Intrigued, they invited a proposal. Terrific! But they explained there was a catch. Bummer. They had a collaborator who needed to like the idea, as well. More pitching and persuading. Six months and several iterations later, I am sitting at Starbucks looking at my first eBook on the itty bitty iPhone screen.

The idea for the next book never did slap me on the forehead that summer. And the summertime lull in the economy didn’t distract me with any big projects. Instead I took a chance and acted on the idea I did have. And when it would have been easier to say “no” people said “YES!” And I’m so glad they did.

Pre-order your free copy. Oh, and let me know what you think.