More Evidence that Science and Art are Fusing

The Experimentation Marathon was held again last week at the Serpetine Gallery Pavillion located in the Kensington Gardens, England. The 24-hour art, technology and science mash up kicked off with a session looking into the brain’s interpretation of reality, artificial intelligence and out-of-body experiences. Angela Sirigu presented the famous Phantom Limb experiment, in which amputees continue to experience the presence of a lost body part; and Prof Olaf Blanke showed how a confused mind can generate an out of body feeling. A Three Way Kissing Booth offered “a public experiment on male female desire.” Tim Echells of Forced Entertainment staged a 24-hour, online writing event, passing a cumulative piece of writing from time zone to time zone. The latter continues online in an open-source spirit of collaboration. Visit the Serpentine to add your voice.