Monthly Round Up of Good Articles

January blew by. Patricia was researching a new book. Donna tweaked a major report. Patric overhauled our website. Zach settled into new digs in Brooklyn. We caught our breath long enough to share our round up of interesting stories. 
Researchers Predict that Facebook Will Die out Like a Disease 
A provocative analysis of the dangers of proliferation by Princeton researchers who devised a model that predicts an exodus of 80% of users by 2017 from Facebook.—Robert Gonzalez
Organic Shmorganic
A smart analysis of the evidence surrounding organic pesticides and human health.
—Brian Bergstein, deputy editor
Don’t Be Surprised If Your TV Soon Seems to Know Everything About Your Politics
Traditional media gets smarter: why targeted television ads could tip the next presidential election.
—Will Knight
#SOTU2014: See the State of the Union Address Minute by Minute on Twitter
Cool visualization of reactions shared on Twitter during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.
—Molly Frey
“Why Is Pennsylvania So Haunted?” The U.S. According to AutocompleteWe love 
Google search patterns—this one maps cities out according to our curiosities about them.
—J. Juniper Friedman, editorial assistant
Go, Indie, Go. Will Networked Podcasts Get You There?
“The great podcast grab of 2013”: Witness the revival of public media producers’ long-sought goal to monetize podcasts. 
—Kyanna Sutton, senior Web producer