Money Can’t Buy You Love? How to Get Tons of Ethical Facebook “Likes”

When it comes to social media marketing, there is a growing philosophy that more is more. That’s why some brands are cutting corners by advertising or buying likes to increase traffic. But is it an ethical marketing practice?

Recently, the spritely minds over at Simply Zesty took on the matter of ethical Facebook likes. Their campaign post-mortem shows how they converted a popular blog post into a mountain of likes, global reach, and instant revenue. It’s a tidy package of insights like these:

How to make money from irrelevant Facebook likes
“I am sitting on an absolute ton of traffic that is not very relevant to us and not knowing what to do with it. I started by slapping some ads on the page as aggressively as I possibly could, seeing as none of our normal readers would ever be visiting that page and the ads wouldn’t annoy them. Those ads on that one single page drive between €1,000-4,000 in Google Adsense per month (enough to pay somebody to write full-time on the blog).”

Facebook Return on Investment (ROI) for Small Business Brands
Are you just dipping your toes in the waters of social media? Wondering if you’ll see a return on investment? Consider this:

“For an agency to be able to push their brand out to 22 million friends of friends on Facebook for free all the time, it’s useful no matter what way you look at it. We get queries for our services now from all over the world as a result and have clients in 10+ countries. Not all because of this, but it certainly helps.”

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