Monday: Do We Live in Two Worlds?

Mondays are always slow to unfold. My ambition arouses more slowly as I shake off the dreamy weekend world. Weekend and work week can seem like two different worlds. That notion inspired me to post this Monday meditation.

I came across this trailer for Upside Down, a new movie set in a universe with two earths. Lower Earth is poor. Upper Earth is, well, the upper crust. Contact between the two worlds is forbidden. Two star-crossed lovers find each other and, despite coming from opposite worlds, fall in love (Romeo and Juliet reprise). The film has no release date. Producers are marketing it early to seed interest and crank up the marketing churn.

When I found the trailer over at Digital Trends, I was struck by a phrase of dialogue I couldn’t shake. Her love gives me hope, the man explains.

Simple enough. Love is hope.

It’s a wild world. It’s Monday. I’m stepping off my week with this little gem in mind: love is hope.

Ponder that and have a great week.