Minneapolis Home of Big Radio and Big Cherry

I set foot in Minnesota Public Radio for the first time last week. It is the epicenter of high-quality public radio production. I was awed and felt a little tiny sitting there in the lobby. Not that the place wasn’t friendly, it was. Not that the architecture wasn’t welcoming, it was. But as I sat there waiting to be interviewed by Tom Crann from All Things Considered, I was very aware that I was just one person, waiting my turn to speak my truth. I was not a member of a multi-million audience. I was the singular me, there in the cradle of NPR, one voice. It is still a marvel at the power of public radio. As a side note, I also got an up close look at the Claes Oldenburg sculpture. Trust me on this, photos don’t do it justice. Yowzer! Went to the new Guthrie Theatre. Eye-popping, as well. I guess Minneapolis caught me eye, ear, and voice.