Milestones: List of Hollywood Boomers Turning 50

Later this week, I’ll be heading out to Los Angeles for a wedding. One of our Culture Scouts, Mark Hayward, is marrying his partner of many years. It’s a milestone for Mark and Charley. But it’s also a milestone for American culture.

It’s apt that many boomers turned 50 this year, Hollywood stars among them. It’s a milestone that marks the maturing of popular culture when the people who create it have the clout and maturity to affect progress and make tolerance the law.

Here’s a sampling, of the Hollywood boomers turning 50:
Ellen DeGeneres: Actress, talk show host (Jan. 26)
Ice-T: Actor, rapper (Feb. 16)
Patricia Heaton: Actress (March 4)
Sharon Stone: Actress (March 10)
Holly Hunter: Actress (March 20)
Alec Baldwin: Actor (April 3)
Michelle Pfeiffer: Actress (April 29)
Drew Carey: Actor, comedian, game show host (May 23)
Annette Bening: Actress (May 29)
Prince: Musician (June 7)
Kevin Bacon: Actor (July 8)
Madonna: Actress, singer (Aug. 16)
Tim Burton: Director (Aug. 25)
Michael Jackson: Musician (Aug. 29)
Tim Robbins: Actor (Oct. 16)
Alan Jackson: Musician (Oct. 17)
Viggo Mortensen: Actor (Oct. 20)
Marg Helgenberger: Actress (Nov. 16)
Jamie Lee Curtis: Actress (Nov. 22)