Merry Christmas!

Photo by peripathetic

I come from a long line of women who believe that food is love. I have the love handles to prove it.

It’s Christmas Day. A veritable cooking bonanza!

Today, I will fill my house with family and will cook to my heart’s content. Beginning at dawn, I’ll be cutting and sautéing. I’m talking complicated recipes that take all day. You see, no other day allows me the luxury of making fish stock from scratch.

My family will lounge and nibble in their pajamas until noon.

Come evening, we will set a table near the fireplace and tuck into our supper. The love will be plentiful and piping hot. And before diving in we will hold hands and pray for peace.

I love Christmas.

I hope your day is filled with love however you express it. For best results it should be plentiful and served piping hot.