Measuring Brand Personality: Why Customer Service, Social Marketing and Brandmaking Are Becoming Same Thing

Everything communicates. Everything. What our brands do, say, show, process or sell. My colleague, Nancy Goldstein, is a brand strategist who is especially passionate about this. And she’s right.

Lately, I’ve been studying the best behaviors of social brands. That’s why this infographic caught my eye. It reveals interesting insights into customer service and social commerce.

The more I probe, the more I’m convinced: holistic customer service in a digital culture is a critical expression of brand personality. More than any logo or tagline.

Francisco Rosales over at SocialMouths makes some assertions about the infographic below, asking why social platforms like Facebook have yet to live up to their potential as commercial powerhouses? He wonders, as I do, “how platforms like GetSatisfaction are performing in the customer service segment.”

The true issue is not whether social media can conjure the right alchemy of brand, user experience and customer service to generate direct sales. It’s more about when we will break through to a deeper understanding of user intent. People don’t use Facebook as a place to shop. It’s an illusion that they will. But it’s the illusion that’s propping things up for now. And sometimes the greatest loss is the loss of an illusion.

Here’s your eye candy:
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