McDonald’s SEO Strategy? Or Something Else?

Yesterday, green blogger Karen Hanrahan posted her photo of a perfectly preserved vintage 1996 McDonald’s hamburger online. She has kept it in a plastic container all these years and done nothing to it. It looks like she bought it yesterday. Over 300 people logged on to argue the case on behalf of the burger giant. ” Unpatriotic, idiotic!” they called her.

Ordinarily, Karen’s blog attracts about a dozen comments. She is a good writer and has an established network of fellow bloggers so traffic is steady. She’s also one of our Culture Scouts. But this outpouring says something else. Either there are over 300 passionate fans of the fast food chain who can navigate their way around the blogsphere, or her unretouched photo taken in her kitchen triggered a hail storm of “hired guns” paid to fry her for her heresy.

Search Engine Optimization 2.0?