Manage Your Muse! Bandcamp Launches

Rule #3 of a Renaissance: colossal creative output.

The flood of creativity is pouring in from all sides. A blog is born every minute. Painting classes at my local arts center have been sold out for months. If each of us has an inborn muse, we’re apparently all tapping into it. Perhaps that’s why the hot new catch phrase is “idea management.”

Difficult as it is, it’s not enough to dream it, jam it, refine it, and produce it. You have to manage it. Push it out there, too. Get it seen and heard. Enter, a new site that helps RenGen musicians make their mark. Bandcamp was created by a team of renegade developers formerly with Yahoo!, Microsoft and Adobe.

What does Bandcamp do for artists? Here’s a description so deliciously clever it warrants a giant quote:

“We’re not yet another site wanting to host your tracks alongside the trailer for High School Musical 4: I’m Pregnant. Instead, we power a site that’s truly yours, and hang out in the background handling all the technical issues you dread (and several you’ve probably never even considered). We keep your music streaming and downloading quickly and reliably, whether it’s 3am on a Sunday, or the hour your new record drops and Pitchfork gives it a scathingly positive review. We make your tracks available in every format under the sun, so the audiophilic nerderati can have their FLAC and eat mp3 v2. We adorn your songs with all the right metadata, so they sail into iTunes with artwork, album, band and track names intact. We mutter the various incantations necessary to keep your site top-ranked in Google, so when your fans search for your hits, they find your music long before they find or iMyFace.”