Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog

Last month, I was invited to join the Huffington Post’s team of bloggers. Since then I’ve observed that the comments people post are really thoughtful. Arianna has built quite a community of citizens zealous about raising the level of engagement online. That’s a remarkable accomplishment given the scads of Internet trolls out there eager to throw rotten tomatoes. Now I just need to encourage HuffPo to improve its privacy policies. One thing at a time.

My recent post about Rick Warren’s marketing savvy drove lots of comments. But not so many as the shirtless photo of our President-elect. Let’s be realistic. Can anything trump a revealing glam shot of Mr. Obama? Now that I think of it, it actually surprises me that more was not made of his handsome good looks by the media during the campaign. Well, the downloads on the beach-wear photo crashed the server. I guess that speaks for itself.