Making Twitter More Effective

Immediacy is a driving force in new media consumption, especially among Millennials. With over 170 million users, Twitter has turned into the go-to site for quick bites of news and updates.

I adopted Twitter in its infancy and use it fervently. That’s not true of all new media. Tumbleweeds blow through my Pinterest account, and my Google+ account has an abandonment complex.

I’m guessing everyone knows how to tweet if you’re reading this blog. But since I use and love Twitter, I’m sharing a few shortcuts, apps and SEO features to make it a more effective use of your time.

Use Less Text
When posting content, use fewer characters to give people the opportunity to retweet your stuff. Leave 20 characters worth if possible. That way, a person retweeting can slip in a quick comment or add a hashtag.

Modify Tweets
The automatic retweet feature always feels a little cheesy to me. For those cases where you have to retweet text that’s too rambly, or you want to put spin on it, modified tweets come into play. Marked as MT, this lets people know that this tweet has been edited. It’s a nice courtesy to the originator of the tweet.

Shorten URLs
Twitter has a utility to automatically shorten links. But using a URL shortener, such as bitly, provides you with analytics. You can track how viral your tweets and links are – it’s always handy to capture metrics.

Following and Unfollowing
You’re probably following more people than you manage. But they may not be returning the favor. I consider that the same as dead links. Set up a schedule that helps you routinely unfollow people who aren’t reciprocating.