Making Science Sexy: Seeding the Digital Culture to Dig Science

The transfer of knowledge is highly attractive to young RenGen. Today, I’m live blogging from Young Professionals event in Omaha. I’m listening to a panel of scientists who built online movement of passionate non-geeks by using mix of classic and social media. Their Science Cafe series gathered momentum for events about science. 

Dilemma: How to make science interesting to young professionals. 

Experiment: Hold live Science Cafes in local brew pub. 

Day part: Happy hour/after work

Tactics: Traditional–posters, community events calendars, PR, word-of-mouth
(Traditional tactics were used to create awareness, but not build the network)

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Opt-in email
(Social media used as a traffic driver and generate virtual attendance)

Biggest lesson:  Content matters, a lot.

Hot science content for the average peeps: Science of Beer, How the Brain Works, Science of Sex (drew over 200)

Geeks only: Robotic surgery

How they grew their social network: 
1. Upped the ante with ever cooler content. 
2. Blogged and tweeted. Email got dropped from the campaign entirely. (Demographic resented email intrusion).
3. Asked venue to co-promote and offer bar deals.

Did people show up to a live event featuring local scientists?