Making Room for Ideas

I’ve spent the morning catching up on reading. I started my day with a lecture given by two Disney Imagineers. My brain runneth over.

As I sit in the sun-drenched courtyard of the Boston Public Library, I am reminded of why America needs libraries. In particular, beautiful libraries. This picture-postcard quadrangle, with its archways and sparkling fountain, is an oasis of serenity.

For many of us, libraries are about books. But on this breezy afternoon in Boston, I am feeling blessed not for the library’s vast holdings, but for its empty spaces. Places where a person can sit and be.

I think about Walt Disney. His vision for a theme park was hatched while sitting on a park bench watching his daughters play. Some times the very best ideas blossom in the quiet spaces or splashed onto blank canvasses.

For weeks I’ve been procrastinating about a book idea. It’s an unborn child stirring in me that I refuse to name or further imagine. The idea of making time for it in my life overwhelms me. How will I ever fit it in?

So for months I’ve stayed stuck, unable to further conceptualize it.

The longer I sit and free my thoughts, things start coming to me. I jot notes. I sketch out a hasty mind map.

Information is power. But absolute power corrupts. Whoever designed the magnificent Boston Public Library must have understood the need for the citizens of a new nation to dream as well as learn.

You don’t need reminding that your life is harried and overstuffed. But maybe a gentle nudge that invites you to grab some down time and give your imagination a fighting chance.