Making Reading More Social

Photo by zandwacht

Readmill is a new API that will make reading a social exercise by making it easy for readers using an iPad to recommend and share their ebooks. It also allows you to discuss books with others and leave a closing remark once you finish reading a book. Readmill’s current library consists mainly public domain titles for now, but as you read through your selected books, your profile keeps track of your progress and the time you have spent reading.

This last point is powerful because it signals an important trend in the making. Time matters. The time it takes to read, compose, relate, transact will all become important considerations. The speed/quality equation will enter consumer consciousness most especially with regard to devices.

Although it is only available for iPad, Readmill is aiming to make the app available for all reading devices. The app is in closed beta. But you can ask to be included in the Beta network through the Readmill website.