Make Your Brand Mean Something

That’s the title editor Jennifer Rooney gave my latest article in Advertising Age. An excerpt follows:

Our unraveling economy is part of a deeper cultural metamorphosis. From the restructuring of home values to the reorganization of mass communications, we are witnessing the disruption that occurs when the dominant civilization loses its relevance and another rises to replace it. We are becoming a renaissance generation — RenGen, a generation that is smart, self-expressive, idealistic and cynical all at once. History shows that the seeds of the first great renaissance were steeped in conflict and waste. YouTube, Facebook and MySpace are all evidence that our society is gearing up to become very creative — just in time to solve some serious problems.

So, what do we do in the interlude while the RenGen gears up? How do we create meaningful campaigns when so much is up for grabs? There are three brand archetypes that will hold appeal in these times….